Friday, November 16, 2012

Pumpkin...the only child we'll ever have with blue eyes!

I'm pretty sure everyone is annoyed by now with my instagram/FB pictures that I've been posting lately-I can't seem to take enough photos of our Pumpkin girl!

But she's so pretty-it's hard not too.

It's funny now that we have Pumpkin we can't go out in public without having at least a handful of people commenting on how beautiful she is. Which caught me off guard the first time I took her out on my own to the pet store in my sweats, messy hair and no makeup (Yea, when I'm dressed like that I'm usually trying to get out of there quick and unnoticed!). She's a little over 2 months now and growing more and more each week it seems. We are so in love with her and wish we could keep her this small forever! I mean look at all the growing she's doing:


Anyway, she's definitely made our lives more joyful (now that she's past the crate training tantrums and waking us up 3 times a night)! Oh and to whoever is reading, if you have an animal with fleas the easiest way to rid them of it is: Dawn dish soap. It surprised us but it worked amazingly! Just scrub it in, let it sit for 5 minutes and watch the fleas die instantly-She was born on a farm in a fairly big litter and where she stayed was in a crate with all of her brothers and sisters in a pile of hay. Although it was a scary thing for us the first night getting her. We gave her one bath the first night and then two days later gave her another dawn bath. It can dry out puppy's skin though so only do it 2-3 times at most if needed. After all that we got her K9 Advantix and haven't seen one since!

She is a handful but our favorite part of the day is coming home to her and how excited she gets when we do. I think once Gary and I do starting trying for a baby (which won't be for awhile!) we'll always consider her our first ^.~

Oh and our new house update: it's coming along. slowly. DIY projects have become our favorite thing recently. But I do wish remodeling was a quicker process! Before and After pictures to be posted...

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!!! And make sure to enjoy all the time you have with friends and family ^.^