Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012... (it was nice having my birthday numbers as the year!)

Well 2012 certainly had exciting, new adventures for us so below are a few favorite moments this past year...(I could have easily added more to the collages though!). 2012 being our first year married really couldn't get any sweeter...

Surfing, Kingdom Bound, and Mercy Me (one of the 20 Christian bands we got to see this year!)                         

Renaissance Fair (one of my favorite summer events), our 2nd Christmas (and the awesome gifts we both received from eachother), our yearly NYC tradition visitng the tree where Gary proposed to me, one of Pumpkin's first encounters with snow...)

And of course getting our sweet Pumpkin girl, who can be a major brat at times but still makes our heart melt at the same time. Along with a random picture of Gary and I in a taxi after arriving in the city.
Gary and I are planning on making 2013 a traveling year. New sights, new adventures, hopefully a ticket out of the country for a short while as well. Visitng family we rarely see. Also, it'd be nice to find a job more fit for perhaps theater, radio or something with Japanese studies (sitting at a desk all day is definitely not the position for me >.<).

So long 2012... It was fun-thanks for unforgettable the memories!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

"You're not funny anymore..."

I decided to title this blog after a lyric I heard last night from a not so funny song. But before I get to that I'd like to first say that cleaning your car during the winter, in below 30 degree weather is NOT a smart idea. Snow blowing everywhere, hands and feet going numb, wind burn on my cheeks-I gave up and drove to the nearest coffee spot. (It's been over an hour and I'm still trying to warm up.)


Back to last night: my husband and I had a great day together. Did a few gift returns, spent my Christmas money on a pretty dress, purse and earrings. Like Gary said, it was my second Christmas! I didn't mind ^.^ for dinner we went to our favorite local cafe. It's a small one but has a great vintage feel to it. 50's style coffee tables, dim lighting, a little performance space for singers, poetry readers, etc...SO! We weren't expecting any singers on Saturday night (usually Sunday night is open mic) but by the time we were done eating we decided to stay for a few songs.

She was a younger woman from NYC. We were a little baffled because it was an absolute blizzard yesterday and only 8 people at the most were at the cafe. I felt a little bad for her.
She started her first song, an audience involved one. Yanno, where they teach you the chorus and you have to sing along on your turn. The song was about a person passing through different events. I believe she said it was written by an English professor back in the 50's. In the song she mentioned passing through calvary hill and seeing Jesus's crucifixion. It wasn't bad.

The next song...

She introduced it by telling us it was about an old friend of hers who was a comedian and also an alcoholic. A friend who was seeking help, went to AA and further started seeking help in Jesus.

She said "I am not a Christian." And this song is about who he became while searching for Jesus. A few lyrics went like this: "you were better when you drank.." "you're just chasing Jesus in the dark.." and "you're not funny anymore."

During the song I had a mix of emotions- slightly offended, sad for her friend, sad for her... After the song Gary and I left.

I wasn't sure what I was feeling. Angry that people can openly speak negatively about Jesus without a problem. Angry that if this situation were switched around (with Jesus being a good choice) it wouldn't be accepted. Sad for the alcoholic in the song who has a friend that thinks he was "cooler" when he was drowning himself to death...

I particularly have a heavy heart for alcoholics having been around a few when I was growing up. So this subject isn't easy for me to talk about.

I left uneasy. But still glad that I left. I guess I'm upset because she was singing a lie about my Jesus. Because with Jesus in my life I'm still the same crazy girl. Still laughing, singing but enjoying life more than I ever have. Loving and appreciating all around me. Amazed that I am loved by Someone who has died for me, forgives me and loves me with a love that no one on this green earth can ever comprehend. It's natural for me to want to share this with others...but so hard when they reject it and silence you.

Wow. I didn't mean to make it this long. Just needed to spill. Thanks for reading. And weird note to end on but I truly hope you had an awesome Christmas. I'll have to write about my Christmas play I got to write and perform at church and the beautiful woman behind the true story. For now, I'm going to go home, grab my corn pillow and watch some chick flicks with Pumpkin ^.^

Have a merry Sunday kiddos!