Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012... (it was nice having my birthday numbers as the year!)

Well 2012 certainly had exciting, new adventures for us so below are a few favorite moments this past year...(I could have easily added more to the collages though!). 2012 being our first year married really couldn't get any sweeter...

Surfing, Kingdom Bound, and Mercy Me (one of the 20 Christian bands we got to see this year!)                         

Renaissance Fair (one of my favorite summer events), our 2nd Christmas (and the awesome gifts we both received from eachother), our yearly NYC tradition visitng the tree where Gary proposed to me, one of Pumpkin's first encounters with snow...)

And of course getting our sweet Pumpkin girl, who can be a major brat at times but still makes our heart melt at the same time. Along with a random picture of Gary and I in a taxi after arriving in the city.
Gary and I are planning on making 2013 a traveling year. New sights, new adventures, hopefully a ticket out of the country for a short while as well. Visitng family we rarely see. Also, it'd be nice to find a job more fit for perhaps theater, radio or something with Japanese studies (sitting at a desk all day is definitely not the position for me >.<).

So long 2012... It was fun-thanks for unforgettable the memories!

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