Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Back on the 'Social Network'

I'm actually really surprised at myself- I was able to go the entire Easter season without the Facebook or the Twitter! I remember having slight anxiety the first few days (seriously!), anxious to just get online and sign in. My obsession with these sites were baaad, I can't tell you how many times my husband has had to yell at me to get off my phone and stop checking my FB lol He hardly ever uses his and doesn't see the point really. But for me it just became a very unhealthy habit.

So the first week was the hardest.  And that was it. 

I then asked myself what was the big deal!? So then I thought it was more like reading those tabloid gossip magazines (that I want to burn everytime I pass by one) I'm not going to say that everyone on my friend's list posts crappy things but....the majority of the statuses are negative, unnecessary and offensive.  The conversations have a tendency to go nowhere.

Also, I noticed that the only times I was especially anxious to go on was when I wanted to share something that encouraged me.  Whenever I read a powerful scripture or heard an awesome song. I missed catching up with friends who I never see and the groups I'm a part of that would give daily words of encouragement.   But other than that...I didn't miss anything else about it!  I remember signing back on Easter Sunday and saying "Ok, the purpose of MY fb needs to change".

On a brighter note, I was able to focus more on the Word and my prayer life! Replacing the bad habits with spiritual discipline to grow closer to my Lord- that's something to celebrate kids! ^.^  

It's amazing how much closer God can bring you to Him through sacrifice.

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