Friday, January 20, 2012

2 year update!

I really didn't realize how long it had been since I last blogged. I mean the last time I blogged before yesterday's post I wasn't even engaged yet! Well Gary *my husband* and I have had A LOT that's gone on since then ^.^

Firstly, we are one month and 11 days married today-(together for over 6 1/2 years).  December 10th, 2011 was the happiest day of our lives (so far).  Gary told me yesterday how much he misses that day as he was standing next to my wedding dress. (I really have to let go and get that preserved already)  It was such a beautiful, God-filled day.  That day we felt God the most, like He was standing right next to us.  And all of our family and friends enjoyed it just as much, we had so much love and support on that awesome day....we're now even more excited about the adventure that lies ahead of us in married life!

Gary's already planning our vow renewals....25 years down the road of course ^.^

We went on our honeymoon the day after and spent a week in Los Angeles, CA.  And this was the best week of our lives! I think our favorite spot out there was the Griffith Observatory.  We're kind of nature/hiking freaks and this place had an awesome view of the city as well as hiking trails. Oh and the famous Hollywood sign was very close by too. 

During this week we were able to meet with the very talented Chad Ahrendt, director of Reconciliation. A great great great christian movie that, in our opinion, blew FireProof out of the water! It's available for Video-On-Demand and Streaming. You can rent it from Amazon too and all Life Way bookstores should have them in stock. The story was gracefully written and the Gospel speaks louder than ever in this movie. If you loved the big name Christian films FireProof or Courageous you definitely need to check this out.Reconciliation the movie

Also, the short film that I've been working on for 5 years (I'm starting to understand the meaning "in God's time") has had some door openings within the past week. Continuing to pray though that this project finally gets lifted off the ground!
*Maybe this summer Lord???* :o)

A lot of exciting projects in the making but Gary and I know our first priority on the list is our marriage. We've grown so much together in Christ and are so blessed to have the friends we do who support us along the way. Our pre-marital (now just "marital"?) counselors lead a Bible study in their home that we attend weekly.  In this group we truly feel like a family and the fellowship just continues to grow! 

Our goals are to reach out more as much as we can, however the Lord wills us. So I'll be sure to update more along the way of our ups and downs and in betweens ^.^

Thanks for reading!

*and God Bless!!!*

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