Tuesday, July 17, 2012

This beautiful, crazy adventure

This past week we reminisced as we celebrated our 7th month of marriage and our 7th year dating anniversary and we've confidently concluded that we have been through probably more than most couples experience in a decade (or two!).  Heck-we've experienced more than most within the first 24 hours of us dating!

And the best part about it is I wouldn't take this ride with anyone else but my Gary...

Our dating anniversary has always been a bittersweet time. Sweet was the 12th of July as we chose to be with one another and bitter was the 13th as my husband's father suddenly left this world. The man who I never had the chance to meet.  As I look back now at the few days before he passed, as I spoke briefly with him on the phone...I wonder if he knew who I was?  It's funny to think about and I realize not possible but great to imagine....if only he knew. If I knew, I would have loved to have said "Hey, I'm not only Gary's first girlfriend but also his future wife, your future daughter-in-law! I'll be having your grand kids too! What do you think of that???..." I know it's completely dumb but it's passed through my mind many times and I pray somehow you know this now Papa Hood...

*there he is... my father-in-law and little Gary lookin' like a cute monkey!*

We look back on all we've conquered and persevered through and we realize we couldn't have done any of it without God.

Speaking of HIM-He's been opening up doors for us and answered many prayers. After what seemed like a long, tiring search, God directed us straight to our church home. *Finally!* A place where we can set our roots and grow together! There's nothing wierd about their doctrine (which was the common stumbling block for us) 100% Bible believing, Gospel CENTERED church.

Oh and random crazy discovery: The Pastor's son...who has also recently married (and close to our age)....has cholesteatoma just like Gary! Craziness! I mean, you need to first understand people, this tumor-like growth in the ear is EXTREMELY RARE! This past Sunday we found this out. I mean...Wow. But what can we say...our God is funny like that!

The warmth of the entire church family as well as the Pastor's family from day 1, the people's love for Jesus, their immense desire to serve the Lord and be the body of Christ, all of the things we've been praying for being answered...yea. We finally know that this is where we belong.

We also have some exciting news but it's a bit to early to share with everyone, maybe in a few months or so I'll let the cat outta the bag *and NO...it's not what you think...we are NOT pregnant* (Give that another year or so...??? ^.~)

God has been so good to us and even though it hasn't been a dull ride thus far! We are looking forward to our future and how God plans to use us in this beautiful, crazy plan of His!

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose."Romans 8:28

Not quite sure how this video fits but I love Labyrinth. One of my favorite comfort movies! I especially love this ball room scene. Hope you enjoy it-if not, I apologize in advance ^.~

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