Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Surf's Up!

I couldn't go without writing a post about my first experience surfing in NYC with my hubby--here it is:

We like to visit NYC at least around half a dozen times a year, it's also great because I have a group of friends that are always more than willing to let us crash at their place. I can't explain how much I love crossing the bridge into the city--almost instantly we feel that particular thick, warm  air. A few minutes later I can smell the ocean...*sigh* Yes. I love this place.

Surfing was by far the best time I have ever had! We loved it so much!!! The waves were somewhat intimidating that morning we went out, the sky was cloudy and the winds were picking up. You could tell from the instructors that this was not a normal day with quiet waves. They crashed one after the other. As soon as we picked up our boards it became real to me and I almost chickened out. Gary remembers me saying "Ok this is way to scary. Let's go!" and I remember praying for God to keep us safe!

There were a mix of jumper waves/face smacking waves/take me under and drag me 10 ft back waves--all totally enjoyable! We'd jump on our boards as the instructor positioned us, he'd yell "paddle, paddle" and soon after "UP! UP!" let me tell you--the BEST feeling in the world was riding that wave-it wasn't huge but it still gave me such a rush! Wish I had a video but I do have a few pictures....

Gary and I were cheering eachother on and every time Gary saw the instructor free he'd yell  "Go on babe! I wanna see you ride another one!" He was too sweet and knew how badly I wanted to try this. New hobby? I think so!

People. I think I'm addicted.

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